Черные паруса - Black Sails
Black Sails

Джон Сильвер

Сначала изгой и волк одиночка, а теперь любимец команды и их квартирмейстер. Когда компания Флинта переходит в безумие, Джон Сильвер должен найти человека в монстре пока не стало слишком поздно для всех.

Капитан Флинт

Бывший военно-морской офицер, которого опозорили и предали. Теперь капитан Флинт олицетворение ужаса и смерти в Новом Свете.

Элеонора Гатри

Изгнанная из своего дома и приговоренная к казни, Элеонора теперь самый известный арестант Лондона. Предоставившаяся возможность вернуться в Нассау на службе нового губернатора, дает ей шанс на выживание и зависит теперь от одного вопроса: она может отпустить прошлое?


После похищения Элеоноры, Макс теперь связующее звено между пиратами и городом, что дало ей власть и влияние.  Но когда возвращение цивилизации угрожает свергнуть ее, Макс приводит в движение свой план, который будет иметь пагубные последствия для острова, а также для её отношений с Энн Бонни.

Билли Бонс

Не доверяя капитану, Билли должен забыть о своих чувствах ради выживания своего экипажа. Но когда новый фронт открывается в войне с экспансией цивилизации, Билли видит другую роль для себя. И он опять должен быть рядом с Флинтом.

Капитан Чарльз Вэйн

Allied with former enemies. Forced to betray his own values. Marked for death by civilization. For Captain Charles Vane, the costs of defending Nassau continue to mount. Is he strong enough to survive what’s coming?

Джэк Рэкхем

Sitting atop a fortune in Spanish gold, Rackham is finally in a position to win friends, secure his reputation and preserve Nassau for the ages. But when civilization returns to reclaim its island, he will learn that money can only buy so much...

Эн Бони

A beacon of loyalty in a sea of shifting alliances, Bonny is caught between her partnership with Rackham, and her love for Max. But when upheaval on the island forces unpleasant truths to the surface, Bonny must choose once and for all where and with whom she belongs.

Мистер Скот

More than anyone, Scott recognizes the perils of a Nassau without Eleanor Guthrie. With the ground shifting beneath his feet, he must make a decision to protect that which he truly loves.

Вуд Роджерс

The new face of civilization in the West Indies, Woodes Rogers arrives in Nassau backed by immense power, and armed with an insidious plan to end piracy for good.

Эдвард Тич

One of the most notorious pirates to have ever lived, Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, returns to the account to settle some unfinished business. But a great deal has changed in his absence, and to cement his legacy he will have to challenge Nassau’s most powerful... at sea. On land. And at the end of a sword.

Миранда Барлоу

Compassionate and mysterious, only Miranda Barlow knows the truth about what drives Flint. Her devotion to him, and the shared secrets of their pasts, will once again force her to risk everything, in order to ensure his survival.

Томас Гамильтон

Miranda Barlow’s husband, now deceased. A man of privilege and vision, he was intent on seeing the New Providence colony restored to commercial viability.

Эбигейл Эш

A young, upper-class British woman. Abigail’s life changes forever when she comes to Nassau.

Капитан Нэд Лоу

Psychotic and blood-thirsty, Ned Low represents a new breed of pirate: one for whom violence isn’t simply a tool - it’s a pastime.

Ричард Гатри

Living as a fugitive among the farmers of Nassau’s interior, Richard Guthrie is not a man to be discounted. Formerly the pirates’ main benefactor, he is now intent on hastening their exit from the Bahamas, by any means necessary.

Лорд Питер Эш

An old friend of Thomas Hamilton’s, Peter Ashe is now a key figure in the war against piracy.


The *Walrus's* Quartermaster, elected representative of the crew’s interests and a check on the power of the ship’s captain. Gates is by far the most senior member of the crew; he is loyal to Flint to a fault and is very much aware he’s playing a younger man’s game.